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Chemistry set Blue Moon Handmade Cosmetics Maggie Nguyen

Always read the label

Ever read the label of your shower gel? Chances are that if you have you saw a list of chemicals with long, complicated names. Much like mass produced industrial food, commercial skincare products contain a horror show of synthetic fragrances, fillers, stabilisers, preservatives and colourants.

Founded in 2018, Blue Moon was born out of an obsession for reading these labels to understand what all those difficult names are actually for. Soon we started searching for ingredients and experimenting, seeking to make natural products that do away with all the processed rubbish. Many failures and many successes followed and the journey still continues!

Taking inspiration from local flavours and traditions, we combine the best ingredients we can find with a big helping of curiosity and an obsessive attention to detail. All our products are 100% palm oil free, 100% vegan friendly and aspire to minimalist packaging principles.

Blue Moon

Healthy Skin. Happy Planet.


We are collaborating with some of the best artisan brands in town to bring you a new take on some delicious local products!

If you have a delicious ingredient you want to feed your skin, get in touch and let’s get creative!