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100% Vegan Friendly
100% Palm Oil Free

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Our Ingredients

 – No added chemical nasties like silicones, parabens and SLS. 

 – No synthetic fragrances oils – we only use pure essential oils in our scents. 

 – No synthetic colourants – all our colours come straight from Mother Nature herself.

 – No animal products such as milk, honey or animal fats.

 – No palm oil – because healthy skin shouldn’t destroy the planet.

 – No single use plastic – skincare need not be about wastefulness.

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Our Story


It started with an itch.

Blue Moon Handmade began out of a passion for this planet we call home, a curiosity about all those nasty ingredients on product labels and a desire to do something differently. Not to mention a geeky love of chemistry and some seriously itchy skin. Check out our story and see why our products are great for both your skin and our planet.

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Contact us to purchase our products or ask us a question. We know what goes in our products because we put it there. Any questions you may have we are happy to help find an answer.